Spurgeon's Best Sermon

Spurgeon has preached many good sermons, but on December 5, 1858 at the age of 24, he preached his best sermon. Admittedly, there are many ways to determine how good a sermon is, but for a soul winner like Spurgeon, the most important factor is the number of people converted. Of this sermon, Spurgeon said, “I think I never preached another sermon by which so many souls were won to God.”[1]

This sermon, entitled “Compel Them to Come In”, is filled with pleas for sinners to come to Christ from the beginning to the end. Spurgeon addresses many reasons why people refuse to come to Christ before detailing the wonders of conversion. “I exhort you, then, to look to Jesus Christ and to be lightened. Sinner, you will never regret.”[2]

He pleads with his hearers to look to Christ saying, “What will you do in the swellings of Jordan without a Saviour? Death-beds are stony things without the Lord Jesus Christ.”[3] And he makes the issue urgent saying, “I have no authority to ask you to come to Christ tomorrow. The Master has given you no invitation to come to him next Tuesday.”[4]

He ends by relying on God to save. “I cannot compel you, but You, O Spirit of God, Who has the key of the heart, You can compel.”[5]

“Compel Them to Come In” - http://archive.spurgeon.org/sermons/0227.php

- Jake Hovis