Gateway Christian Church

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Here at Gateway, we try to keep things relatively simple, come as you are and discover where God may lead you. There are a variety of different areas where you can get involved and serve in. While there are struggles we share in life, every age group has challenges that they face and we try to design opportunities for individuals and families to have the support and encouragement they want and need. Bible studies, worship and service opportunities are available for all ages and in a variety of styles. We encourage you to take the time to explore where you will fit in best and can begin to build the relationships that will encourage you and help you in your journey to a greater understanding of Jesus.


Bible studies are designed to connect people with one another in order to lift each other towards  Christ.  Each group is designed to be a safe place for all persons to find real answers. These answers are not provided by an "answer person" but rather through the collective life stories of the members. The main goal is that people are lifted towards Christ!


It's our desire that you feel welcome as you come to journey with us. People often ask how they should dress and the answer we usually give is, however you dress, you will see someone probably dressed just like you. We are less concerned with how you look, than how you are doing.


God speaks in diverse ways through our worship teams and pastor to bring you a fresh perspective on Jesus’ love and grace each Sunday. Music ranges from classic hymns, gospel and contemporary worship and the teaching is created to be practical and biblical, ready to prompt you for transformation.


It’s not unusual for some of us to raise our hands in total surrender to God as we feel His Holy Spirit at work during worship while others find deepened worship in quiet contemplation. We work to create lifelong followers of Christ, so please know that your kids are welcome to worship with us in the main sanctuary, although we also offer Nursery (infant through 4 year olds, in the Eastern hallway), kindergarten and Kid’s Church (1st grade through 5th grade, worship with their families and are dismissed for their lesson time before the sermon). The decision is up to you.


Gateway Christian Church was established in 1964 by a few families who felt the need for a Bible-centered Christian Church in what was the “far southeast” part of Aurora. Having a strong faith in God, a conviction to reach those who did not have a personal saving relationship with God, and a willingness to be used by God for this purpose, they purchased this property and began funding for and building of the initial building.  In 1980, extending their faith even further produced the second addition to this building.  The initial facility now houses some of our church offices, nursery and toddler areas, and the kitchen/fellowship hall area.  The mewer portion of the facility contains our sanctuary worship area, classrooms, and main office.


 God has blessed not only these first families, but also those who have come to Him or come to continue working with Him in this place.  It is a strong, Christian body of believers who put God first in their lives and who seek continually to lead others to know just what being a member of God’s family is all about.


 As we seek to continue the original vision for Gateway, we know God has a great future for each of us individually and for the family of Gateway as a whole.  Jesus said to His followers in John 14:12 that one who has faith will not only do what He has been doing, but also “do even greater things than these . . .” Believing in all Jesus taught, we know that as hard as it might be to think about, we, through God’s power at work within us, will do even greater things at Gateway than these that have been done before.


We welcome each and every one and are glad that you chose Gateway as a local church that you would like to get to know better to see how we can aide you in your search for a deeper, personal, intimate knowledge of God and true meaning in life.

Service Times:

Classes - 9AM

Service - 10:15AM



To Join with people through a transforming experience with God's love, equipping them to please God.


It is our mission to help people understand and experience Christ. We believe that if anyone comes to know Christ intimately their lives will be transformed. Our hope is that people may grow strong in Christ and take that Christ experience and love into the world. The church is not limited by the walls of its building, but is meant to be those with faith fearlessly living it out so that others may see the goodness of our Lord. It is our mission that our members will go out into the world to spread the word to everyone they connect with.



You can be a part of our Vision

We desire that the church here on our corner in Aurora, would be a beacon of God, love, and life to our community. That God will instill the faithful with boldness to reach out to every layer and level of our community with God’s message

Sharing Jesus, Growing Disciples. Changing the World and Giving of yourself sacrificially to expand God’s kingdom



You can help us accomplish our Goals

We want to impact our community and show the love of Jesus to every person that we encounter. We strive to show the love, compassion, and grace that Jesus showed everyone he encountered. We hope that you will join in accomplishing our goals.


Senior Pastor

Lead Minister, Mike Dally has been privileged to serve the Gateway Christian Church as the lead minister since July of 2002. He received his undergraduate degrees from Ozark Christian College, and holds a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary, and a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University. He is also an affiliate professor at Colorado Christian University and Metropolitan State University.


He and his wife Lisa have been married for over 40 years and have four children and five grandchildren. He loves reading, baking, sports, learning new things, and spending time with his family.

Church Elder

Stuart Rogers is almost a Colorado native.  Both parents were native Coloradans and Stuart was born while his dad was stationed in Wisconsin. After spending 2 months there, his dad was discharged from the military and Stuart has lived in Colorado ever since. He met his wife Joyce while attending Colorado State University and they were married in 1972. God has clearly blessed the union and they will be celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary shortly. God’s blessings have continued with the gift of two sons Jason and Luke and their families with a total of six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


Professionally, Stuart has served in the information technology field for more than 45 years. Privately, he has served as soccer coach, Cub Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, and volunteer for activities with both sons during their high school activities.


His wife Joyce and a dear college couple guided Stuart to Gateway Christian Church since it was her well-founded opinion that the boys needed a Biblical background and guidance. A notable side effect of this effort was that Stuart also began and continues to build a relationship with Jesus. Since 1981, that relationship with Jesus and ongoing service with people in a variety of areas has occurred and continues to occur. Although the neighborhood has changed around the building over the last 40 plus years, there is one constant – Every person needs to know that Jesus is the Messiah and that He has a message for each person’s life.

Church Elder

John Deets was adopted in Denver at the age of 1½. After being raised in Boulder, Loveland, and Broomfield, he joined the Army in January 1964. While home on leave in November 1964 he met his precious gift from God, April, and they were married February 4th 1965. Their family includes daughters Dawn and Tamara and a son Terry; and continues to grow, and as they enjoy 9 grand-children and 21 great-grand-children.

Professionally I served as an intelligence officer in various assignments including a tour in Vietnam in 1967-1968. After 8 years in the Army, I went to work for General Electric for 30 years, retiring in January 2007. Before moving back to Denver, we travelled in our motorhome for 4 years.

At 75 years old, I have known Christ as my Lord and Savior for almost 60 years. Albeit there have been some seasons (far too many) where I strayed far away, but He never let go of me. I am thankful God brought April and me to Gateway Christian Church where I am happy to work with our Make A Difference ministry team, and also contribute as an elder. God has extended His hand to me at this church, and it is my hope to continue learning, maturing, and growing in the Lord. Just as Timothy was in a time of transition so am I: 2 Timothy 1:14 “By the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you.”

Church Elder

Brent Wiegand was born in Nebraska and after meeting his wife on a cruise moved to Aurora in 1989.   Cheryl was already attending Gateway and he started attending with her.  They were married at Gateway in August of 1989.  Brent began to get involved in the church and soon became a deacon.  After several years of serving as a deacon, he got involved with the audio team and now oversees that area.   Later he was asked to become an elder and  he turned the offer down several times.   Eventually God's timing was right and he accepted the opportunity and he now serves in that role.


BIBLICAL TRUTH: We believe the Bible is God’s inherent truth and it’s the foundation to everything we do. While the world may have changed since it’s writing, mankind continues to struggle with the same issues as it has throughout the centuries. The wisdom, truth and guidance of scripture remains valid and transformative for all mankind today. 


AUTHENTICITY:  In a world where image and identity is shaped and guarded we believe we can’t be what God has called us to be if we are not genuinely ourselves. We must be our true selves so that we make a connection with one another on a higher level.

RELATIONSHIP: The essence of the Bible is the story of God desiring to create the relationship between humankind and himself. That relationship is at the core of our faith and our community. We aren’t interested in being a place where a lot of people get together for an inspiring service but never move beyond the casual, arm’s distance relationships of an auditorium. God says in Genesis that it is not good for man to be alone. We were created to live in relationship with God and one another.


COMMUNICATION: Jesus used the current language and daily life experiences of those around him to communicate truth. He doesn’t keep us at arm’s distance but desires to embrace us with his love and message.

EXCELLENCE: We don’t believe in striving for unrealistic perfection. Real excellence is about bringing your best to God’s work and to life in general.

GROWTH: This is a safe place for everyone. But safe doesn’t mean comfortable. The answers aren’t always comfortable. Growing pains are a part of our life physically as well as spiritually

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11