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You can share stories about how God has been moving in your lives during the pandemic by emailing us on our Contact Us Page. 

This is a great way to connect with one another during a time of social distancing and give all glory to God!

God is Good

Janet and I are so thankful for the Lord blessing us every day. At the beginning of COVID-19, Janet was not able to go to work. I was just starting to work for Lowes, so I did not know if I was still going to be able to work if Lowes cut back on hours or employees. Neither of those things happened! As a matter of fact, Lowes had me coming in more hours than I originally ask for, that sure helped pay the bills!

I also want to praise God for Sharyn Neff's recovery from the Virus. She was pretty ill there for a while, but she is back in the Cherry Creek facility and doing well. She is still recovering, however she still has a long way to go. Janet and I, along with Brenda Mounce, were able to go see and talk to her through her window recently for a while and were able to get her to smile and laugh, that was good to see.

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND AMEN!!!!! So remember, God is still in control. Amen? We all must keep praying for our church leaders, our city, state, our country, our President, whether you like him or not, GOD put him there and he deserves our prayers. Pray that they make decisions according to His will.


- Bob Rash

A Card...

I've been very down lately like everyone else.  Two days ago in particular was a rough one.  My COPD, chronic bronchitis, asthma and fungus on my 1/2 of lung I have left gave me quite the coughing spell unexpectedly but where else?  The waiting room at my doctor's office .  A patient also waiting asked me to go outside, even though I was wearing a mask and had a small pillow to cough into.  I very politely told her "don't worry, I don't have Covid, I've been coughing for almost 5 years now".  With that said, she demanded in a very negative tone to go outside and cough.  I was embarrassed in front of all the patients including the staff.  So I did as she told me.

When I got home after crying all the way, I went to my mailbox and it was a card addressed to me.  The card read:  "Nothing now, nothing in the future nothing ... in the whole wide world will ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 8:38-39.  Just a little reminder that God so loves you too.  Thinking of you."  Signed Ken Gardner.

You may have gotten the same card from Ken and it doesn't matter.  The fact is that he thought of me at the very time I needed to hear encouragement.  I praise God for sharing Ken's love for His people and that he thought enough of me to send a card.  Thank you Ken.

- Cindy Holland